Terms & Shipping

*Currently accepting paypal, venmo, and Cash for payment.

* Animals are shipped via FedEx Reptiles2you or Ship your reptiles.

*Packages are shipped Wednesdays… this is our only day to ship. Occasionally special shipping schedules can be made. We currently only ship to the lower 48.
Shipments are only sent out weather permitting. We will not ship if temps are below 35°F or above 90°F from my location, the hub location, or the delivery location. It is preferred that the animals be held at your local
FedEx hub. If you want a delivery to home/ business address this can be done but keep in mind the health guarantee is no longer available due to COVID shipping issues. (Unless insurance issues are lifted)

*If shipping conditions are not favorable, we will hold the animal for up to three weeks with no charge. Anything after 3 weeks will have a small feed/care charge of $5 a day.

*The day prior to shipment, I will contact you to verify you’ll be available to accept the package the following day. In the case I am unable to contact you the day prior to shipment, the shipment will be held until the following week.

*We offer a 7 day health guarantee providing you can prove proper husbandry practices for your pet. Please always video your unboxing and thoroughly document the animals condition upon arrival. If animal fails to thrive within that first 7 days, we will do everything in our power to make sure you are taken care of.

***Please understand that some things are out of our control.

*Live arrival guarantee ONLY when animal is received within the first hour after delivery.

*If DOA, pictures and video must be sent within the first hour to receive full refund. *No exceptions to this!!! *

*Again, you MUST accept package on first delivery attempt, if not all guarantees are void! Please make sure someone is there to receive the package.

Sex is guaranteed with snakes, but it is your duty to verify within 7 days of receipt for refund or exchange to take place.

Most baby bearded dragons are sold as “probable”, and although we’re pretty accurate, things are known to change from time to time. There is no guarantee, sorry!

Genetics: Please know that we ID snakes to the absolute best of our ability, including consulting fellow breeders for opinions….however, it is impossible to be 100% certain on every animal due to the varying nature of snake genetics.

Bearded dragon genetics are guaranteed, unless otherwise noted.

Payment plans are possible with 25% nonrefundable deposit on ball pythons(only for snakes over 300 and dragons over 200) over $300 and the balance paid in 45 days or less. I will work with you on that as long as there is a designated plan and easy communication. Animals will not be shipped until paid in full. Please do not enter into a payment plan unless you have the ability to complete.
*** If final payment is not made by the agreed on date, all payments are forfeited(to pay for my time and care of the animal…) and animal will be put back up for sale. My time is valuable, as is yours. So please be responsible! 🙂

If multiple inquiries are received, the animal will be sold to the person I receive balance or down from first. I WILL NOT MARK ANIMAL SOLD until shipping date. Animals will be placed on hold once I receive down payment or balance.